An artist's statement has always been difficult for me.  I grew up doing art.  Most of us have art in our childhoods, that's our first foray into the world.  We can't communicate any other way when we are little.  We color, we paint with our hands, it's our language. Many go on to do other things, find other ways to communicate with the world and otherwise 'grow up.'  I guess I never really did.  I don't doubt that many still have that child in them who remembers loving art.  And it's still there.  All of us who take photos on a regular basis to post on social media.  Can you create a statement about what those photos mean?  Probably not.  You took them because something about what you were seeing was special and you wanted to share it.  That's how I am with my paintings.  My whole world is a series of paintings.  Daily, I view scenes in the world as paintings.  Trees, clouds, snow, light, color, I see beauty and I'm already imagining it as a painting.  I can't view the world any other way, and painting is my way of saying, "this scene, this is how I see it, this is the world I live in."