Shari Chandler was born and raised in Oklahoma.  She was taught how to paint at an early age by her grandparents, and was fortunate enough to have art throughout her early school years.  After high school, Shari studied art at the University of Kansas for two years, until she discovered a new field;  archaeology.

After a ten year hiatus as a professional archaeologist, and obtaining her BA in anthropology from the University of Oklahoma, and a Masters Degree from New Mexico State University, Shari returned to her artwork.  That was in 2000, and since then, she has had her paintings displayed in galleries in Santa Fe and Scottsdale, and had a piece accepted into the 2002 Arts for the Parks Competition top 100 (her painting titled 'Desert Sentries').

Since July of 2017, Shari has lived in Bozeman, Montana, and is finding new inspiration in the wide open vistas of Big Sky country.